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7-19-2024: Check out the new collection listings be added to the website. We are paying premium prices to acquire advanced collections of high-quality beer cans.

Selling Your Collection

We know the decision to sell your vintage beer can collection might be difficult. After all, you’ve spent a great deal of time and enjoyment with your hobby. At Steel Canvas, we understand. We’re avid collectors of these historic works of art, too! In fact most times, we’re the first people hobbyists call when they’ve decided it is time to divest part or all of their collection. Steel Canvas is the trusted name for evaluating and purchasing collections and single cans because we have seen or acquired many of the best collections in existence.

About Steel Canvas

We make the acquisition process comfortable, easy, and you’ll receive payment on the spot. We are enthusiastic about expanding the hobby of vintage beer can collecting. One of the ways we do this is by acquiring major collections from folks who have been enjoying the hobby for many years, but are ready to part with all or some of their collection. Get the most for your collection and help preserve the hobby you’ve enjoyed for years.