Grading & Conditions

Steel Canvas is the hobby’s trusted authority in the beer and can collecting markets because Ted Larsen has personally handled thousands of vintage collectible beer and soda cans. Collectors know he is fair and grades cans with consistency and integrity. If you are looking to sell beer cans Steel Canvas can help.

The importance of grading to the valuation of a beer or soda can makes this a key point to consider when you are buying a beer can for your collection or selling beer cans. To help you make an informed purchase, each beer or soda can is assigned a grade based on the overall look of the can taking into account the imperfections that are present.

Grading standards are strict to give customers confidence when purchasing cans. However, if you are not satisfied, return cans within 10 days for a full refund.

1+: Excellent. Store condition and no defects or imperfections.

A1+: Very good. Minor imperfections. High quality example.

1/1+: Between grade 1 and A1+. Clean can overall. More noticeable spotting, scratches, dents

1: Good. Noticeable signs of aging. Include humidity spotting, scratches, dents.

1-: Fair. Indoor can, but obvious paint damage. Surface rust or more extensive spotting.

L before a reference number indicates the can is “Like” the can pictured. The difference is in the description.

Knowing the grading and condition will help buyers when you want to sell beer cans.

Note: No restored cans are sold on the Steel Canvas website. All cans are all-original but may have new lids, dents removed, etc. These details will be provided in the can description.